Networking for MS

Thursday, October 12, 2006


An update and a possible:
She has lived with MS for many years, since about 1983, I believe. She was a dancer and a singer professionally. What a setback for a person who got so much pleasure by pleasing others. She had started a Foundation just for MS and did that plus wrote about it for years. Always searching for a new something that might just give a little relief, maybe even some extra strength to move around with. You talk to her and she will tell you that she is an expert on all the cures, potions, and balms. She is a fighter and a winner, but the pain goes on.
What do you do about it? What can we do about it? Not much but someone moved her toward our people and she came into our company and decided to try the products. Did you ever get a call from a lady who was ecstatic that she had washed her hair on her own, in a shower, and still had spunk left? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But ladies with MS understand. I didn’t, "Why call me to tell me that you washed your hair?" I know now! And that same lady, who has spent many years in an electric cart, also called me to tell me she had stood up on her own for a 30 seconds. 30 SECONDS! She is getting stronger every day, she says, and now said she is going to climb Mount Everest soon. What a lady, and she if moving ahead every day. All of us who know her will keep you up to date, if you’re interested. She has started to blog so I will give you her link next time if I can get it right.
Another lady in the same area of the country, who is also taking some of the products, tells me that she has more energy, more pep, and even though she still has to use her walker right now, she is moving faster and is not tired out when she does so.
Yeah, those of us who don’t have this horrible disease can look at the small moves ahead as trivial but I am told they are gigantic. Thank you for letting me play even the smallest part of the quest. Thank you, Thank you!
We do have a young man in Indianapolis who has just received the okay from his Doc to begin a trial. He is 24, going for his Masters in Electronics at Purdue. Has suffered for awhile and is slightly excited to have an opportunity to maybe get a little relief. I said is slightly excited about all this. He has been down this road before. We will see. Maybe the next time I write and ramble I can report that he is one of the ones it works on. That would be great, and with a fine mind like that. Maybe, just maybe!
Next time lets be able to report another success. Please!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Want to feel good?

Another story, another friend:
When you are networking, or as I do, calling, we call it "making dials", you meet a variety of people, some angry about where they are, others striving to change that world of theirs, and many who have more problems than I can handle sometimes. You’re asking, "What do you have to do with it?" Good question, but you cannot contact people, trying to change their financial world, without hearing about their tragedies and their world falling down around them. Why is that, mainly because most, not all, but most that we talk to are at the point where they have nowhere to turn, no money, no job, no real foreseeable future and not a clue on how they are going to fix it. Hence, they are looking for that "Home Based Business" that will make them rich overnight. Didn’t that guy on TV make $4000 today, and that lady make $8000 a week? Most have no clue as to what they are really looking to do or how you go about choosing a good, reputable company where someday, with a system to follow, they will capture the monthly income that will change their lives. That is what I tell them about, how we can help with our system. It is a good one or I would not be doing this, but it is not overnight sensation. It starts slow and builds. Enough of that, I promised myself when I started this rambling stuff I would not push the company, maybe the product someday but not the company.
Anyway what I was getting at is the biggest problems we see are the people, through no fault of their own, have contracted some sort of a funk that makes their life a lousy look at the morning every day and can’t do a heck of lot about it. We talk to lots of them so when you find something that has a good possibility of working on a given problem and does that in a very large percentage of the people your ear tunes to some of those things that might be relievable, not curable, but relievable. That is how I found this great lady from Oregon. We were talking and I was telling her about the company, and because she had asked for more information on our products, I began telling her about our over 50 products. While telling her about them I mentioned that we had been fortunate in finding a combination of our products that had relieved symptoms, in the majority of cases, of MS. She said," I have MS, and also Diabetes, plus High Blood Pressure. Bummer! Now what do I do? I stopped the conversation about the company opportunity and asked if her doctor gave the okay would she like to try our combination to see if it worked. "You bet"! Got the information for her doctor and then in the meantime, got product on the way to her. Doc said "Okay" and she started the test on a Saturday. Monday got this great e-mail that said that the stuff was working. She explained that she usually used a electric cart to do her shopping because she had to do that but today did not use that unit because she felt like she could walk instead. "And", she said, "I still had pep after I got home even though it was a hot day". I was a happy camper to say the lest but your mind plays lots of tricks so I wrote back, "Great, give it more time to make sure, its only been two days". Well, this little lady has been on the system for about three months now, only used the electric cart 3 times, mainly because of the amount of time she had to be on her feet, (went to a county fair) and also when the heat was intense. She reported that she had walked a mile on her own and later was even cleaning her house on her own again, though in spurts, which she had not done in years. She is now getting ready to get back into volunteer work at the school nearby which she used to do and dearly loved doing. She is a whiz, a sweet lady and now a friend. I feel very good about the fact that our company and its products were able to help. I mean I really feel good about it.
Remember, it is all about me so what makes me feel good is very important. This really long rambling is meant to point out why some of us do this stuff. There are people out there that need a good thing to happen in their lives right NOW! I got mine today, how about you? Are you looking to help? Then do it, don’t wait till later, do something now. You will feel much better, I promise. They are waiting for you to just ask. Honest! Try it!
Next time, there are more folks with MS showing up and others in our company are looking for them and finding them. Things are happening even though slowly but WOW!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

First Success

I promised you a success.
As I told you before I call people to see if they are interested in joining our company. We are in the wellness business and when I am talking to these people they oft times share with me that they have problems with their health. It is often a very sad story as so many really nice people are suffering in ways that I can not even attempt to imagine. It breaks your heart. Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound like me but there are so many of them. And we spend billions on feeding our pets, fixing our faces and buying shoes we don’t need. And that’s just for starters! But for research?
Anyway, I had called this guy in October of 2005, we hit it off quickly as he was a salesman for a large copy machine (etc.) company and I had spent many years doing sales also. We were "peddlers" and proud of it. That word was special to us and so we bonded as do those few dingo’s that love to sell. He was a great guy. The nice part was that he was very interested in coming into our company and I was looking forward to having someone with his talent to share the load. I was new at network marketing and still walking on tiptoes with the hang-up's and the "stop callings". It was fun though.
Well, after about a week of calling, and explaining, and hoping he would make the right decision, he announce he was coming in the next day but today he had an appointment with his doctor, nothing serious so call tomorrow.
That was the last time I could contact him, his phone rang, the answering service came on but no pal. I wrote to him via e-mail and got no response right away. I even questioned him about his doctor visit, asking if something had changed with his wife or himself. I was at a loss. I called often in the next week but still no answer and no response. He was gone.
I don’t give up easily, especially when I find a friend, or a product, that I really thought was worth the effort. In this case all to no avail. He was gone. About a week later I got an e-mail stating that " yes there is a bit of a medical challenge that I am facing and right now will be focusing on getting better". I sent him a return e-mail stating I was sorry to hear about the problem, that I wish there was some way to help, I hoped he could be cured etc. I was convinced I knew what problem he had. The common thing for guys who are growing older, Prostate Cancer. Had to be, right?
I made it a rule to try to call him once a month, but never got more than his answering machine and when I left a message never got a reply. Did that for the next 7 months, then one call got his son. Asked him if his Dad was OK and he said, "want to talk to him". Damn right I did. My friend got on the phone, I said "you got prostate cancer don’t you" he said, "no, I’ve got MS".
Darn, never thought about that and since I had just had one failure I said to myself, why not another? He said he had been thinking of getting involved in our business again and was thinking of calling me. As I always do now, when someone tells me they have MS, I said, lets talk business later, let’s talk MS now. " Would you be willing to try something with your doctors OK that MIGHT help cut back some of those symptoms that your experiencing now?"
Bring it on, he said. I did, got him some product then he got the OK from his Doc and he started to take the combo. I had told him that we did not claim to cure anything but for some crazy reason this combo had some success.
Well, he is now in the business and doing great. He has an active and inquiring mind and is a large contributor to my team’s growth. Am I happy to have him? You bet I am, but remember I told you this blog was all about me. Yeah, it makes me feel good and pleases me no end when this thing works.
The first success, want to know more about him, he is blogging right now. Here is his link. Sometimes I feel like a new Dad
Next time we write, the door opens again and it’s getting more enjoyable and rewarding. I hope that we can get to a lot of those who might benefit. That is why we are using this medium.
Maybe, just maybe!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Networking for MS

Networking for MS
When I started out in network marketing the furthermost thing from my mind was the selling of our products and the fact that they may acutely help some one. After about 6 months of doing recruiting work, and even though I had spent 40 years in and around the sales business, I was still struggling to find that right question or story to get someone’s attention and help me bring them into the business.
One day, while telling this very nice gentleman about our company, and of all things our products, he mentioned that he had MS and did we have any thing that would help relieve some of the symptoms. "Nah" I said, but we do have minerals and vitamin's and all the healthy stuff people need every day in their diet. "But""I said, "I would check on it".
Now all of you desperate enough to read my scribbling must know that there are no cures for many illnesses and as far as I know none for MS. They tell us they are working to find something but so far no cigar. I think it is more about money than it is to cure but that again is only the ramblings of one who is well below novice in this field. But sometimes we get lucky and do find a combination of things that produce limited but life changing results. There may be other ones out there but there it was, just laying there for some of those that suffer to use. Does it cure? No! Darn it, but sometimes it curtails the symptoms and makes life easier.
So that is what I found in some combinations of the company products.
Did it work on my first trial, the guy who agreed to try it? No, but it did for the next four and hopefully for others as we search.
Now I do make sure that their physicians log into these trials but so far four out of five ain’t bad. I am now on a quest, to find as many people with MS as I can find, tell them about our find and see if they want to try the combo. No promises, no garantee's, and certainly no product without full authorization from the powers that be but I am going to continue looking. And that is what these ramblings will be about, my quest for people. Am I doing it to gain glory or even money? At 75 it just makes me feel good and I am hoping it will others also. Don’t look for moneymaking deals here nor glory rides. I am only doing what pleases me and just for the reason that sometimes it pleases others.
Want to hear more, just log on, there are a lot of folks out there who need our help. Next time my first success.